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SHEDCO's goal is to improve the economic vitality of St. Helens, OR. We meet monthly. Everyone is welcome. Bring your ideas, energy, and 'can-do' spirit.


St Helens Economic Development Corporation

Welcome to SHEDCO...

SHEDCO is a group of like minded volunteers whose only goal is to find a way to improve the economic vitality of St Helens, Oregon.  SHEDCO volunteers include business owners, property owners, individual citizens of St Helens, and members of other civic institutions in St. Helens.

SHEDCO was formed in 2008.  Since its formation, SHEDCO has established itself as a non-profit organization, held monthly meetings and developed a methodical process of forming strategies to carry out its broad vision.

SHEDCO’s mission statement is:
“To provide the leadership and coordination necessary to enhance the economic viability of St. Helens.”

As a starting point SHEDCO has chosen to focus on the traditional business districts of St Helens; the Houlton Business District (Up Town) and the nationally registered St Helens Downtown Historic District (downtown or Olde Towne) and the area of Columbia Boulevard that connects  those two areas.

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